2 ½ Creative Movement

Students will learn simple creative and ballet dance movements. The use of colorful props and imagination make this a joyful class for the youngest of dancers.  Listening and motor skills are developed.

3’s Ballet/Tumbling

This class is similar to Creative Movement, but includes basic ballet and tumbling skills.

4-5’s Ballet/Tap

4-5 year olds will learn basic ballet and tap steps, steps that move across the floor, and dances that are creative and fun.

Kindergarten Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Kindergarten class includes ballet, tap and jazz that teach children basic skills and combine movement with music. Rhythm and memorization are developed. This class is a great way for your child to sample the 3 basic styles of dance.

1st Grade and up:


This class is upbeat and high energy. Emphasis is on basic skills and technique as students’ warm-up, stretch, and learn rhythmic combinations. As students progress in level teachers add more difficult hip-hop, funk and jazz technique into their combinations and dance routines.


Tap is often referred to as making music with your feet. This fun and upbeat class increases coordination, rhythm and musicality. Students from beginners to advanced will enjoy learning tap steps and combinations.  Classes include a warm-up, center technique and combinations, as well as steps traveling across the floor.


Always known as the foundation for any dance discipline, ballet is essential to a dancer’s progress. Through the discipline of ballet technique students improve in grace, strength, coordination, flexibility and fluidity. Class consists of barre exercises, center and across the floor work.


This is when advanced ballerinas dance on their toes. There is a pre-requisite of a minimum of two ballet classes per week and a teacher recommendation to register for this higher level class.


Open to dancer’s beginning in Opal level, Lyrical tells a story through dance and combines classical ballet, modern and jazz technique. This class develops strength, flexibility , balance and performance skills.

Musical Theater

Open to dancer’s age 6 and older. Musical Theater is a theatrical dance style that includes dance technique and acting to songs from Broadway  musicals. These dance numbers usually consist of a story being told or a character being formed. Class will consist of warmup in Jazz/Broadway Technique, across the floor, acting, singing and dances.


Weekly private lessons are offered to beginner, intermediate and advanced students from age 6 through the Adult. The lesson plans include a balance of theory, ear training, sight reading and repertoire appropriate to the student’s level and musical ability.


Weekly lessons are intended for students of all ages and all abilities who are  interested in developing their vocal range, discovering the true color of their voice and developing their musicianship.  Sing a wide variety of tunes both    up-tempo and Ballads as we have a huge repertoire of entertaining songs which are from all genres of music, like Broadway, Pop, Country, Soul, and Gospel. Learn to be a better singer, and let the inner performer in you come out.